Basaltfiber is to be seen as a commodity

 Basaltfiber properties are as such:

  • Stability to the influence of high temperatures and resistance to corrosive environments allow the basaltfiber to be applied   in different areas of industry.

  • Chemical- and corrosion-resistant reinforcement in all kind of hybride materials  

  • Basaltfiber exceeds 2,5 times the strength of steel .

It is used in  incombustible and fireproof composites for nuclear and thermal power plants  , oil-processing and chemical plants.

It is used as filters for industrial  and domestic  purposes  and as filters for smoke and dust emissions in industrial enterprises.

It is used  as a concrete – and asphalt reinforcing material and in concrete restauration covers of motorways and airfields


Basaltfibers , basaltfiber products and basaltfiber composites   have applications in :

Industrial , civil engineering  and building construction industries .

Fireproof  protection systems in the building and construction industry

Thermal insulation of steam pipelines and heating tubes.

Machinery construction  ( Hybride profiles )

Automotive industries and carriage engineering


Aircraft industries , rocket production and space industry.

Nuclear power engineering

Electronic industries

Chemical and  Petrochemical industries

Cryogenic technology and equipment

Production of construction materials

Hydraulic engineering and  industries


Harbor- and marine platform engineering


Filter engineering.

3 D printing