Basaltfiber the unknown commodity

The process of extracting basaltfibers from the lava was discovered by a Canadian in the beginning of the twenty’s century

This was the  changing of the solidify process of lava, which resulted  into an amorphous material.

Until recent the “ West “ did not pay much attention to this discovery .

The “East” particularly the former Soviet Union discovered the outstanding properties of the basaltfiber material and produced all kinds of military goods with basaltfiber. It was therefore qualified  as military good and the knowledge about the fibers and its applications was very confidential , even  a secret .

It was until the late nineties that this status was lifted.

It seems that nowadays  also the  “West” is also looking with a growing interest to this basaltfiber.

More and more tables are published with the different properties between the well know fibers in comparison with basalt fiber.

In general the basaltfiber can be placed between glassfiber and carbonfiber.

Although the total volume of the Basaltfiber industry is very small (compared to Glass and Carbon) its potential is tremendous. Continious basaltfiber (CBF) and Basalt Fiber reinforced composites are gaining more and more interest from the consumers of composite materials and parts in different industries.

Many academic studies are published nowadays  about the properties and applications of this natural fiber – the basaltfibers – in all kinds of industries.

Source : Vulkan-Europe