Needle-punching material

Needle-punching material is a non woven fabric made out of chopped basalt fiber (60-100 mm)  bound by the needle-punching method without any binding agents. The material could be covered by foil on the one or two sides.

The fabric is available as rolls 1m, 1.5 m wide; 20 m long. The thickness of material is 6 mm and 10 mm.


  • The temperature of application is – 260° C + 800° C;
  • Ecologically clear, absolutely incombustible and perennial material;
  • Heat-conduction coefficient (0,038 Vt/m*К) at 25° С;
  • Vibration transfer coefficient 0,6 at 125 Gz;
  • Acoustic reduction coefficient: 0,8 at 2000 Gz;
  • Structural strength at all a temperature range;
  • Material is light en elastic,
  • Fireproof.


The product can be used for the manufacturing of filters, composites, thermal-insulating and soundproof materials.

Needle-punching material is very suitable as fire protection of high-rise buildings, industrial projects and fire-hazardous constructions (factories of petrochemical industry).